demo reel

My demo reel is in the process of getting updated, please check the gallery for my latest work

Darrell Abney – 3D modeling and texturing reel
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Star Trek Into Darkness – modeled/textured several buildings and bridges with the team at Pixomondo
modeled/textured all the Klingon digi doubles and their weapons
After Earth – modeled hero asteroid and background asteroids along with other artists at Pixomondo
modeled/textured 100% of Jaden Smith “Kitai” digi double
Paranorman – modeled Angry Aggie head, body and blendshapes, modeled floor brain and zombie torso head (arms and legs by another artist) modeled Alvin head
Plants vs Zombies 2 trailer – modeled zombies and crazy dave
Digital Tutors – Shellmonster sculpture for streaming tutorial on Digital Tutor’s website
Narnia 3 – zbrush & mudbox sculpting and bodypaint texturing of the sea serpent along
with other artists at MPC
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 – 100% textures and displacement on Yaxley
digi double, 100% modeling on Tonks digi double and textured Tonk’s face
X-men Mojo – personal project  Maya for Hard Surface, Zbrush for organic
Male Anatomy study – personal project Maya/Zbrush/Mental Ray
The General – personal project Maya/Zbrush/Nuke/Mental Ray
Zombie – personal project Maya/Zbrush/Mental Ray


Star Trek – Into Darkness:  Pixomondo Reel
I worked on the Star Trek Kronos set and Klingon modeling/texturing with a small but talented team
Here is a breakdown reel showing our work on the J.J. Abram’s directed film
(Kronos set footage starts at :40 seconds in)


Featurette on a character I modeled (with muscle system) for Hotel Transylvania 2 called “Cronie”:


Commercial 3d modeling Reel:

“Making of” Plants vs Zombies 2 Trailer



Plants vs Zombies 2 Trailer
Modeled: Zombies, Crazy Dave, Walnut, and Cherry Bombs